Whether a professional, weekend warrior or student, Matt’s ability to inspire, coach and mentor athletes toward success is unique. He shatters preconceived notions about what it means to be “disabled” and uses his experience to demonstrate how the ability to galvanize resolve is something everyone can learn from. Most of us will face undoubtedly face obstacles in life – whether personally or professionally. The ability to remain mentally strong is what sets apart those who succeed from those who don’t.


Performance Coaching

“Matt has been an excellent resource for me as a combat athlete. As my coach for the last 10 years, He has not only helped me with my technical "game", but also in preparing mentally. I really can’t thank him enough
for all he has done for me.”
– Tom McGuire, Scranton MMA 3x National Judo Gold Medalist

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Speaking Engagements

“Matt’s story, his struggle, and his absolutely inspiring response to that struggle, is something that can be applied to literally everything in life from athletic competition to workplace success. If you want your team to stop accepting the status quo and start working toward what might be possible, schedule Matt Marcinek right away.”
– Colby Zell, Beleza BJJ, SAS Team USA

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