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How to Win A world Championship in 2017

January 3, 2017 2017 is here and I know a lot of you have set your training and competition goals for the upcoming year, if you haven’t there’s still time (but get to work!). for those you who did write out your goals, I have a question, How many of you wrote “to win a world championship?” I can almost hear your response from here, “wow, that would be great but..” then followed by any number of things like “I can only train 2 days a week”, “I only have white belts to train with”  or simply, “I’m not good enough” All of these  excuses are pretty common, but  they can all be overcome and you CAN win a world championship, best of not only can you win a world championship, best of all, you can do it by focusing on just one thing… The process. Ah. Yes.  “The process” the two words that are spoken with such reverence by coaches that you would think they were handed to them on stone tablets,  its not uncommon to hear someone on the TV or social media ( or on a blog) talk about “trusting the process” but what is it? The process is absolutely everything necessary for you to reach a goal See, are any of the guys that I coach going to win a world championship (or really any tournament) this year? I don’t know. I hope so. That might seem like a weird response from a coach that cares immensely about his athletes but it’s true. We could be at the world championship, my athlete could sweep their opponent, the ref misses it and my athlete loses on those lost sweep points. Does that suck? Hell yes. Can I control that outcome? No. so, I can’t focus on that. My job as a coach (and an athlete)  is to focus on absolutely everything else that is necessary (and in my control) to reach a goal. The process. So, what does process orientation goals look like exactly?  Well, let’s say I have an athlete whose goal is to win the no gi pan am championships this might be a sample of what that looks Like:

              Performance and process goals

Improve Mental skills30 minutes of mental skills training a night. Gratitude/ what went well journal before bed/ visualization and relaxation 30 minute unwind, reflect on the positives of the day, visualize the tournament go step by step from entering the gym, weighing in, warming up, and then position by position in your match, see yourself owning every possible scenario
Performance GoalProcess goalDetail
Minimum 2-3 Mat training sessions per weekgo to the gym directly after work M-W-F bring whatever food, clothing, training equipment with himBecause of this athlete’s work schedule and outside obligations his actual training time is limited. So, we need him to be prepared as much as he can
Maximize mat time Minimum 5, 5 minute rounds of full sparring every training session Again, because this athletes gym time is short, we need to work in volume, practice is an hour, for him 25 minutes will be sparring, 25 minutes positional drilling, 10 minutes mobility warm up
Improve escapes from the side control positionStart first 2 rounds of sparring in the side control position with the goal of escaping in minute 1will go with 5 different sparring opponents of different ranks (blue-black) and sizes, he will look to get underhooks, create space, reverse position or get guard
improve takedown agressionLook for the first takedown attack of in the 3-5 seconds of every sparring roundFoot sweeps, double legs, single legs, and major outside reaps are his strong suit
Establish transitions and positional controlAfter getting the takedown, establish position, mount, side control, or back mount for a count of 5 before moving to submissionhis strength is takedown to a stack pass, into a position, his aggression gets the better of him when transitioning to the submission we need to get him to slow down, establish position find his weight distribution and then go for the submission

                                             Weight cutting

This athlete does a good job of staying within 10 lbs of his competition weight of 145 lbs. Because of this, I’m not very concerned with his cut. Seeing as his outside commitments keep him active I’m not concerned with really limiting his food intake. His cut will look something like the following:
performance goalprocess goaldetail
Cut 10 lbs to compete at 145lbsPrepare all meals the night before6 small meals a day; 3 “main” meals 3 snacks

Breakfast: oatmeal with blue berries
Snack avocado and orange
Lunch- egg white Scramble with low sodium Ezekiel toast
Snack- apple w/ PB
Stay HydratedWeek 1: 1 gallon of water consumed a day
Week 2. 2 gallons a day consumed
Week 3 M-2 gallons
T-2.5 gallons
W- 2.5-3 gallons
TR -1 gallon before noon
The goal is water in, water out.There no point in making weight if you are weak, dehydrated, and cannot compete.
As you can see, it’s about having a main goal, winning the no gi PAN AMS, that’s far off into the future but then breaking that larger goal into smaller process based goals that are 100% in your total control. Even if you don’t win, the The best part is, if winning a world championship isn’t in your plans, you can use this strategy to accomplish anything you want in life.   I know I titled this article “how to win a world championship in 2017” but truth be told, I don’t know if that will happen, I DO know that you can start winning that championship in 2017, by stop putting your focus on excuses and instead start focusing on the process. If you need help evaluating your goals for 2017, if you want to improve your mindset for competition, or if you, your team, or your business needs a shot of motivation to help put you over the top hit the contact button on my website or Message me at my facebook page and we’ll get you on your way to achieving Peak performance in 2017!