Nine months into his life, when most babies begin to walk and sit up without help, Matt Marcinek was born with cerebral palsy, a neuromuscular disorder that affects motor skills and coordination. But while most of us find it difficult to imagine what life is like with limitations such as his, Matt has met the challenge head on. He coaches. He competes, He motivates. He inspires. As a competitive athlete in the sports of Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Matt struggled to find a win for the first decade of his career, amassing a record of 0 wins and 80 losses. As challenging and frustrating as this situation was, Matt was undaunted. Relying on an unbreakable mindset and a strong will, he persevered and was finally to get his first win in May of 2013 As a performance coach, Matt’s passion is helping athletes and others develop the type of mindset and mental toughness necessary to overcome any obstacle and win, not just in competition, but in life. He regularly travels across the United States studying and training with some of the best grapplers in the world including Royce Gracie, the French National Judo Team, judo World Champion, Jimmy Pedro, Phil and Rick Migliarese, two-time World Champion, Rafael Lovato, and more. Whether it’s through coaching or speaking engagements, Matt’s story will inspire and motivate you to follow your dreams. Contact him today.
My mind’s never gone very far away from what
I wanted to accomplish.
– Dan Gable